Chiropractic Testimonials


"I first saw a Chiropractor when I was 17 and rear-ended in a car accident. Chiropractic care got me back to being a healthy teenager and back to playing the sports I loved. As an adult I have continued chiropractic care with Dr. Zimmer to keep me feeling my best! When I am not at my desk working I love being active outdoors and enjoying the sun. I also love to run and workout so keeping healthy is a must! I also have a little boy and saw Dr. Zimmer throughout my pregnancy to keep me as comfortable as possible. Naturally, my little little boy also started seeing Dr. Zimmer when he was a few weeks old - after being in tight quarters for 9 months it was understandable he needed to be adjusted too! Chiro care is now a family affair for us!"
- Cali, Pleasant Hill, CA

"Before I saw Dr Zimmer I had constant back pain and was repeatedly throwing my back out. Dr. Zimmer helped get me back on my feet and through continuing care I have maintained my improved overall health. I am on my feet all day and am in a very physical trade, so it is very important for both my work and personal life to stay healthy. In my free time I enjoying tinkering with and being on my motorcycles, which both require a healthy spine! I am also a new Dad and want to be sure I can keep up with my little one as he grows!"
- Jeff, Pleasant Hill, CA

"I have seen Dr. Zimmer for many years, from minor injuries and strains from hiking and gardening, to a major lower back injury incurred skiing. Despite recommendations of surgery from several local surgeons, I was able to avoid surgery and recover with Dr. Zimmer's knowledgeable care. With Dr. Zimmer's focus on health and wellness, I am in the best health of my life! I am also thrilled with Zimmer Family Chiropractic's beautiful new office, conveniently located right off the freeway, with great parking. Dr. Zimmer also has the latest cutting edge technology with state of the art digital X-rays and electronic records."
- Jill, Lafayette, CA

"For ten years, I had been experiencing moderate to severe back pain due to an injury. I had gone to several orthopedic surgeons in the Bay Area looking for a solution and received a variety of diagnoses. One orthopedic actually suggested that I try chiropractic care and made a recommendation based on his own personal experience – Dr Caitlin Zimmer. I went to see Dr Zimmer who immediately performed an examination and took a series of x-rays. She patiently and professionally explained the cause of my pain and suggested a course of treatment. Within two weeks, my back pain was gone. It has been a year and my back pains is completely gone. I continued to go once a week for maintenance and feel like a different person – more energy, flexibility, and am playing tennis again for the first time in years. Amazing. I would absolutely recommend Dr Zimmer."
- William, Moraga

"I WAS ALL MESSED UP! I was in constant physical pain. I had an instant bond with Dr. Zimmer. She knows what she is doing and I felt heard and cared for as a human being, not just another patient. Dr. Zimmer is a class act! I have a huge decrease in the chronic neck pain and an increase in my range of motion."
- Ron W., Pleasant Hill

"I have been given the gift of my life back!"
- Beverly C., Concord

"I had accepted that at 34 years old I was in for a lifetime of back pain. Four years earlier I ad broken my back in a motorcycle wreck and had back surgery. At the end of treatment, I am amazed and very satisfied that today my back almost never hurts! Thank you so much Dr. Zimmer!"
- Zach S., San Francisco

"I had back pain for years. Since I have been under care with Dr. Zimmer, I have noticed fantastic improvement in not only the back pain...I am stronger, I sleep better and I am able to chase my grandkids around without fear of of further injuring myself."
- Lori D.,Martinez


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